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5 Important Things You Should Check Before Booking an Air Conditioning Repair

There are times when you might need to call for an AC service in Las Vegas, due to certain problems with your system. However, before calling for an expert to inspect and fix the issue, it is always good to check a few things first.  

Five things to check before booking a repair service

Rather than having to spend extra on an AC repair, here are a few things to check that may be the cause of your system malfunctioning that don’t necessarily require a repair:

Check the thermostat

Before scheduling an emergency AC repair in Las Vegas the first thing to do is check the thermostat. An AC system’s thermostat is the central point of the system. 

It is used when to start, stop, and at what temperature it should be on. Checking the thermostat beforehand can help prevent unnecessary expenses as the issue could be due to the system’s settings being changed.

Check the air filters

If you notice that there are hot spots present in your room, there could be an issue with your system. This is often due to the airflow being restricted. Before calling for a repair, first, check your air filters. 

Clogged air filters can cause the airflow to be restricted due to a build-up of dirt, dust, and airborne allergens. To avoid this, it is better to clean or change the air filters regularly.

Check circuit breaker

A lot of times, people have problems with turning on their air conditioners. If your system refuses to turn on, check the circuit breaker. Often, the circuit breaker can trip due to a power surge within your area. 

This prevents the flow of power that switches on your system. If the problem persists after pushing the circuit breaker has been pushed back into position, it is time to schedule an AC service in Las Vegas.

Check the drain pipe and pan

When your system begins to give trouble, one of the things to check is the system’s drain pipe and pan. If the condensate pipe becomes clogged, it can cause a build-up of mildew and dirt, preventing the water from draining properly. 

This causes the water to flow back in the HVAC system, reducing its performance and causing a leak. Ensuring that the pipe and pan are cleaned and emptied regularly can help increase your system’s performance.

Check the outdoor unit

Due to it being out of sight, many individuals tend to forget about the outdoor part of their system. This allows bushes to grow around it as well as branches and leaves getting into the system. In addition, if the unit is not properly protected, there is a possibility for it to be scratched up by pets or neighborhood animals. 

This can damage the system’s external parts, reducing the system’s efficiency. It is better to clear it up and keep it protected.

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