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When to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

When to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

HVAC systems can be lifesavers when it comes to living in Las Vegas. This fact implies that a broken or old HVAC system can put one in an extremely dire situation. HVAC systems that tend to have a life span of about 15-17 years can age quite noticeably after this period. From constant breakdowns to improper cooling and heating, these systems will be a perennial investment. Therefore, for many individuals replacing an HVAC system seems the better option compared to sticking with the old one. 

But what makes an HVAC system non-functional? Although one can replace the system after a set number of years, a person can also choose to stand by the system until it starts to give out slowly. In the second case, there may be a few things to look for. Here is a rundown of signs that showcase the inevitable demise of an HVAC system requiring the services of a commercial HVAC contractors Las Vegas

  • Rust: This is usually one of the more evident signs of the system breaking down. The external compartments of the air conditioners or the heater will bear the brownish-red rust. This can lead to further problems with the efficiency and overall maintenance of the HVAC system. In other words, when the system begins to rust, it is the beginning of the end. 
  • Improper functioning: This refers to the decrease in the efficiency of the system. During the 15+ years of its functioning, the wear and tear occurring become apparent when the cooling or heating components cannot maintain the desired temperature for too long. In addition to this, one will also see a rapid increase in the energy bills at the end of the month. 
  • Breakdown: There can be an uptick in the repairs the system requires as well. This can include frequently blown fuses or a rusting motor requiring oil. Dirty filters are another common reason for the malfunctioning of an old HVAC system. In the case of furnaces, there can be problems with the fan. Although many of these problems involve a quick fix, there is an underlying problem that one has to address. 
  • Decreased performance: This is an indirect effect that inefficient HVAC systems will have on the work performance of one’s workforce. Employers who wish to provide the best working conditions for their employees cannot ignore the HVAC system. A malfunctioning system can be detrimental to the overall performance of the company. 
  • Non-compliance: The government has also been stern with the use and maintenance of appliances in residences and workplaces. Old or broken systems can release a variety of harmful gases while running. As per the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency ), the older models of HVAC systems before 2010 contain a harmful refrigerant known as R-22. This had devastating effects on the ozone and was therefore banned. 

There is the truth. HVAC systems also have a life span, albeit a short one. Therefore, to ensure small bills and comfortable living, one will have to replace their AC service in Las Vegas. The replacement services of Bulldog Heating and Cooling will take care of one’s HVAC woes and replace the entire system at an affordable price. To book these services or procure an investigation, visit the website.

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