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3 Common Air Conditioning Repairs and Solutions

3 Common Air Conditioning Repairs and Solutions

Today, owning an AC unit has become necessary for the extreme heatwave that summer seasons tend to bring. However, due to its complex nature, certain problems can arise within the system due to its continuous use or external factors. This often results in the need for an AC repair or a new AC installation in Las Vegas.

Due to its long life expectancy, a person tends to own an AC for an average of 15 years. It is always a good idea to be aware of issues that can arise within your system and the best possible solution to fix them.

 Common AC repairs and their solutions

While it is always good to rely on an expert to help repair your AC unit, it is also important to know what these repairs are and how they will be done.

Faulty thermostat

Issues with your thermostat can prevent your AC unit from switching on. Often at times, this is easily remedied due to the temperature setting being placed wrong. However, glitches due to faulty parts and wirings within your thermostat can also be the problem, regardless of how low you set the temperature.

In this case, the best thing to do is call for an AC repair in Las Vegas to have the thermostat fixed and recalibrated. If the problem persists, then a replacement is required. In terms of replacement, it is better to invest in a smart thermostat. Not only will it make programming your AC easier, but it will also help save on extra expenses.

Improper ducts insulation

When a person owns a central air conditioner, some ductworks are also installed. These ducts help ensure that there is proper airflow within each room. However, if the ducts have not been properly sealed or have developed a leak, then cool air can enter your walls.

This can result in your room remaining warm regardless of how long the AC has been kept switched on. The best solution is to have a technician fix the leak and seal the ducts with proper insulation.

Low refrigerant

The main purpose of an AC is to help cool down your home. However, it requires a certain level of refrigerant to be available within the system for it to do so. The refrigerant is the cooling agent within an AC that cools down the filtered air that passes through it before it is released back. 

If you notice liquid pooling below the AC or after some time warm air is emitted, there is a high possibility of a leak. Recharging the refrigerant is not an easy task as it can be harmful to handle. A good solution would be to leave this task to the experts.

During an AC repair in Las Vegas, the technicians ensure that the refrigerant is recharged to the necessary level. 

We can help you save money on your AC with our affordable prices. To get the best AC repair or AC installation in Las Vegas, call us on (702) 820-2973 or email us at office@bulldogaclv.com.

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