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5 Big AC Installation Mistakes To Be Avoided At All Costs

5 Big AC Installation Mistakes To Be Avoided At All Costs

AC installation is a simple process. However, minor errors during the installation might damage the unit or even cause it to underperform because the initial step of installation affects both durability and coolant impact. In addition, the majority of the time, homeowners have no idea how to install their unit. Therefore, it is always recommended to avoid self-installation and seek professional assistance.

If you’ve recently purchased a new air conditioner, it’s always a good idea to call for an AC service in Las Vegas to increase your comfort and safety.

To ensure better quality airflow, avoid the following five major AC installation mistakes at all costs:

Buying the wrong size of AC unit

It is the most common mistake that individuals make. The homeowners believe that the larger the unit, the more cooling effect it will have. This is not the case, as an oversized air conditioner will not maintain a consistent temperature or reduce humidity. 

It can cause dehumidification. To determine the right AC size, it is best to call an expert for AC installation in Las Vegas.

Forgets to attach drainage pipe

This is one other big mistake that homeowners can make to prevent the efficiency of air conditioners. A pipe must be installed to drain the water that has accumulated. However, a reputable technician would never make such a mistake.

Installation without checking leaks

This is the most common mistake, and this step is largely overlooked. Following the installation of air conditioners, the refrigerant level must be monitored to ensure that the air conditioners are functioning properly. In any case, leaking refrigerant can increase your electricity bill by up to 20%. 

It also reduces the system’s efficiency, which can lead to a breakdown at any time. That is why it is usually recommended to hire a professional AC installation in Las Vegas so that if a leak is discovered, the technician can fix it right away.

Placement of ACs in hotspot

The placement of outdoor units in a hot environment can directly impact energy efficiency and cause the AC to underperform. It is one of the blunders that a homeowner must avoid to improve air circulation. Instead, air conditioners should be installed in shaded areas, such as the north side of the home, where they would receive less sunlight.

The indoor unit must not be positioned above a closet or a bed. Between the unit and the floor, there should be a minimum space of 10-15 centimeters. Refrain from making such a mistake. 

Wrong placement of the thermostat

The thermostat is a device that keeps track of the heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, the thermostat is frequently placed near heat-generating objects such as a light, television, or stereo, affecting the air conditioner’s cooling. To get the desired cooling effect, these areas must be avoided.

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