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Sizing A New Home Air Conditioner

Sizing A New Home Air Conditioner

When you hear of “sizing the Ac”, you will probably think about physical dimensions. Still, the HVAC specialists are not talking about the physical dimension of the air conditioning device but rather about the unit’s ability to create cool air for every room in the house. 

Therefore, it is crucial to get one that is the proper dimension for the square footage of your property when purchasing a new AC for your home. So call in professionals for properly sizing the home AC and air conditioning service in Las Vegas.

Choosing the size of the AC unit

Because numerous AC models in so many sizes are available, knowing which one is best for your home can be challenging. In theory, every 400 square feet of the place are cooled down by the AC with a one-tonne capacity. So if your house is about 1600 square feet, it will take 4 tonne AC units to operate best in Vegas summers. 

On the other hand, a slightly smaller unit can often be better than an oversized unit because the larger units can be less efficient. You should also assess how isolated your home is and whether the piping is sealed and free from leakage throughout the house. If not, then call now for the best air conditioning service in Las Vegas.

Use of SEER rating

Everybody who has ever been exploring air conditioning units has looked for a good SEER rating. SEER stands for a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and will appear on the Energy Guide® label of each item. The US Energy Department sets minimum standards for SEER ratings, and a high SEER rating indicates the AC unit is more efficient. 

Older air conditioners may have one-digit SEER, but modern ones have a rating of 13 or above. Therefore, a 15 rating unit is 50% more efficient to understand the effectiveness of a SEER than a 10 rating unit, and 10% greater efficiency is shown by each rating point.

Energy-efficient features

Even if the AC unit you chose has a high SEER rating and is the right size for your home, you should check for other power-saving capabilities, so it’s sure to be your best pick. For example, large coils indicate that the device is better to transmit heat when it takes out the air, cools it, and circulates it through your home. 

An automated fan delay switch will keep the fan going after the compressor is down, so you still have cool air. A light indicator filter may also be helpful because it will warn you about changing the filter. Proper maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan of your AC. So call now for the proper maintenance of AC and AC repair in Las Vegas.

We can help you save money on any of your HVAC repairs. To get the best AC repair services, look for AC Repair in Las Vegas, or call us at (702) 820-2973. You can also drop us a mail at office@bulldogaclv.com.

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