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Heating Services​

Las Vegas heating is done by the Bulldog Air Conditioning and Heating, which handles all the repairing services and maintenance regarding heating and air conditioning services and filters within the Clark County area. Our services are highly proficient in heating repair and replacement.


Bulldog Air Conditioning & Heating has over 20 years of experience in HVAC services. We offer commercial and industrial repair with highly qualified technicians available. We offer our services all year around to support your crucial and important home air needs.


Here at Bulldog Air Conditioning and Heating we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. With the services we offer, you can expect more complete execution with an emphasis on communication and follow-up.


Our state-of-the-art tracking and shipping program allows us to keep detailed historical reports of any service you have purchased from us. Using this information, customers can make smart decisions to repair or replace systems instead of "throwing" more money into old equipment.


Bulldog's Heating Replacements Las Vegas services

We offer all the major types of heating systems in Las Vegas, including

Gas Furnaces

Oil Furnaces

Heat Pumps

Gas Packs

Dual Fuel/Hybrid Systems


Why Choose Bulldog Air Conditioning and Heating in Las Vegas?

Friendly, professional service should happen from the moment they answer the phone. Even during the hardest winter storms and the busiest of times, the technicians and office staff should be professional and knowledgable. Your heating system is what lies between you and life-threatening cold. You want experts working on your heating system to get the job done right the first time.


Installation, service, and maintenance from a single company is an expectation. You want to talk to a single company for all your needs, whether you want a repair call, routine maintenance, or to talk about a new system. License, bonding, and insurance is a must. These protect you and the contractor in case problems happen. Without these protections, it can cause all sorts of legal troubles.


24/7 emergency service is not optional. You do not know when the heat could go off. You need to get someone out as soon as possible to get your heating up and running quickly.


The affordable rate is a requirement. You do not want to pay too much to get someone to come out and fix your heating. Other HVAC contractors in Las Vegas are in competition for your business and you should never have to pay a high rate.


Well-stocked trucks should roll up each time a technician makes a service call. If the technician has to make trips back for common repair parts,  Las Vegas understands quick and efficient service. Expertise in multiple heating types from different manufacturers is something to look for. You may have a system that is only a few years old. Or your system may be thirty years old and on its last legs. In any case, you want a company that can handle your system.


Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: 7am - 1pm

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