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For the heating and air conditioning systems to continue working well in your home, they need routine maintenance and regular service. To function optimally, the equipment should never be reconfigured and only operate according to its original specifications.


With proper maintenance you can avoid unnecessary breakdowns and/or drastic failures. Furthermore, unless your equipment is being tuned-up on a regular basis, you could be spending as much as 50% or possibly more on wasted energy. 

A Bulldog Maintenance Agreement will ensure that your heating and air conditioning equipment is serviced on a regular basis according to the recommendations set forth by the manufacturers. Our technicians would come out on an annual basis to inspect and provide a tune-up on either your heating or cooling system.

We can also come out semi-annually to service and tune-up both systems. These service appointments are for the purpose of meeting and even exceeding the extended-warranty requirements of the manufacturer while complying with the procedures recommended by our local utilities as well as the Department of Energy.

How would a Bulldog Maintenance Agreement help my heating and air conditioning system perform better while saving me money?

  • By having Bulldog come out to inspect your equipment and provide a tune-up on an annual or semi-annual basis, we can catch and repair anything minor we find, so that you can avoid major problems down the road.    

  • Customers who have a Bulldog Maintenance Agreement get a 15% discount on any repair work we do on their equipment.  

  • When we give your heating and air conditioning equipment a tune-up we thoroughly clean all surfaces transferring heat and recalibrate your entire operating system so that it aligns with the manufacturer’s design specifications.

  • Our tune-up will make you more comfortable in your home while saving you as much as 50% or more on the cost of energy.

  • If any of our repairs goes wrong or breaks down during that same season, we will come out and take care of the repair again for FREE.

  • We have an automatic dispatch system that notifies us when your inspections and tune-ups are due. You can count on us to contact you to arrange an appointment time at your convenience.


Customers who have Bulldog Maintenance Agreements always get top priority. If you find that your system is not performing as it should or has completely broken down we will give your service request top priority. During the bitter cold days of winter or the sweltering hot days of summer, we promise to send a technician out right away to get your system working well again.  


Take a look at the Bulldog Maintenance Agreement options here.

Please give us a call at (702) 246-2077 or click here for a service agreement or arrange a tune-up for your system. 

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