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James T.

I had an intermittent problem on my seventeen-year-old system, the heater would occasionally not start. I first called a very well known company that does constant advertising in Las Vegas, to cut right to the chase, they took several pictures of a little oil dripping and advised me that it would be $1800.00 to fix the problem.

I asked them if it was worth while to replace the system considering the age, they immediately dispatched some slick salesman out to convince me to install a new $20,000.00 dollar system that literally pays for itself!

I looked up Bulldog for a second opinion, their technician advised me that the problem had nothing to do with the first diagnosis, repair would be $200.00. Bulldog made the repair and I had no further problems!

Thank goodness there are some honest companies out there. Bulldog is much easier to spell, also 😉.