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Things To Know Before Turning On Your AC This Summer

It’s that time of the year again. Summers are just around the corner, and we often find ourselves scrambling for an AC repair in Las Vegas. Our ACs have to be brought out from their hibernation, but the long, idle winter months impact their functioning, and they no longer cool the way they used to.

Here is a list of things you should know before turning your AC back on for the summer – 

Ensure the outdoor unit is clean

It is good to ensure that your AC condenser is free from dust, debris, leaves, and dirt because an inefficient AC can drive up the electricity bills. 

The outdoor unit of your AC absorbs the heat from the air and releases it outside. If there is foliage or dust, or pet hair around the outside unit, it will hinder the airflow. The AC won’t be able to remove the heat quickly, reducing efficiency. Moreover, if any of these get inside, the AC will malfunction. 

You should clean the condenser coil by using a hose set on a gentle setting. A professional cleaning service is advisable here because chemicals have to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent damage. Searching for good AC service in Las Vegas will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Check the copper lines

You should check if the large copper line, commonly known as “refrigerator cold”, is coming from the unit. If yes, then most probably, your AC will function properly. But, it is important to note that a regular service with refrigerant level checks is recommended annually for your AC’s long and healthy life. Any search for AC repair in Las Vegas will tell you that a long-lasting AC unit needs proper annual care and maintenance. 

Inspect your thermostat settings 

 Your thermostat should be in ‘cool’ mode and not on ‘heat’. Additionally, the thermostat fan should be set to ‘auto’ and not ‘on’ because ‘on’ signifies that the fan will continue operating even when the AC is not going through a cooling cycle leading to increased humidity. 

AC repair in Las Vegas services receive multiple calls due to this issue; hence it is important to address it. The cold refrigerant present in an AC’s evaporator coil is tasked with taking in heat and moisture from the air. Gradually, the moisture collected on the coils drips into a pan. 

Setting the thermostat prevents the moisture from dripping into the pan because the fan repeatedly blows over the cold coils. This pushes the moisture into your house. The auto setting ensures that the fan switches off between cooling cycles so that the moisture can drip into the pan. 

Examine the heat from your AC 

Examine the heat emanating from the top of the condenser while the AC is running. There is proper heat transfer from inside the house if the air seems warmer than the outdoor temperature. 

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