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Why Do You Need Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Las Vegas is one of the hottest tourist destinations, quite literally. With temperatures soaring above 100°F in summers, Las Vegas can be quite unbearable if you don’t have a well-functioning AC to cool you off. 

But, often, we ignore its maintenance, seeking refuge in the fact that most AC services in Las Vegas are just one call away. Come summers, our AC acts up, and the maintenance companies give us a long waiting period because their schedules are full. 

To avoid this last-minute rush, annual maintenance and inspection are important. A well-functioning AC reduces energy consumption and protects you from scorching heat. 

Here are the advantages of early inspection and maintenance service in Las Vegas – 

Gives your AC a long and healthy life 

Your robust HVAC system is designed to last for at least 15 years. But, it can only last that long if you allow it. Regular annual checks ensure that all parts are working smoothly, moving parts are well-lubricated, and damaged parts are repaired or replaced are important to maintain your unit’s lifespan. The efficiency of every mechanical unit decreases over time. An early annual inspection and maintenance by a good AC service in Las Vegas will prevent you from buying another AC to protect you from the blasting summers of Vegas. 

Maintains energy efficiency and decreases repair costs

When you called for an AC installation in Las Vegas, you had been mentally prepared for high electricity bills because of the current cost of your electricity. But, if you don’t go for an annual AC inspection before summer, you’ll be surprised to find your electricity bills soar up even more. 

A well-functioning AC is also an energy-efficient AC. If your HVAC unit is not in the best condition, it will have to work harder to cool the place. This increases energy consumption and drives up electricity bills. An early inspection can help in solving the malfunction before it drives up your energy consumption. 

Another important reason behind annual maintenance is that it decreases repair costs. A stitch in time saves nine, they say, and it is especially true for ACs. HVAC unit repairs cost quite a bit, and regular maintenance can help detect problems early, reducing the repair costs. 

An AC maintenance service includes the following – 

  • Technicians visually inspect the ducts.
  • Lubricate moving parts.
  • Clean filters.
  • In case the filters are damaged, they change them.
  • They test system controls.
  • Ensure that the thermostat is calibrated correctly.
  • Check if the connections have become loose.

Ensures the safety of your house and family

An annual maintenance service protects your house. HVAC systems depend on refrigerant gas, and furnaces operate on fuel. It has an intricate wiring system for energy distribution. 

If the refrigerant gas is inhaled or faulty wiring, it puts your house at a big risk. Due to the excessive heat build-up inside your home, your walls and floors can start cracking. 

Moreover, dust and contaminants clog up the filters and ducts. This can cause dust and allergens in the house, leading to colds, Asthmatic attacks, eye or nose irritations, and headaches. To prevent this, annual AC maintenance by a good AC service in Las Vegas is crucial. 

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